Selasa, 22 September 2015

Select Home Or Apartment?

If you were to choose, it is better to choose a house or apartment? Of course the answer depends on other questions. For example, how much the price of houses and apartments, where the location, and the existing needs.

You need to know when choosing an apartment but you have a little money then it will kill you slowly. Similarly, choosing a home, if you work in sedentary then choose tinggaldi home will not be effective.

Here are things to consider to choose a house or apartment.

1. Location. If you want a place to stay that is the center of the city you better choose an apartment, because it is more strategic.
2. Determine the price. In this case, suppose you have a fund of Rp 500 million then you can buy a house in the suburbs with an area of ​​100 square meters, whereas if you choose to live in apartments are then these funds are only able to buy The apartment with an area of ​​30 meters.
3. The level of comfort. Of terms of comfort, the house is certainly better than an apartment. You can set the section rooms of the house, yard, and interacting with neighbors. It can not meet if you live in an apartment.
4. Determine your needs. It is worth noting walaupaun you have more funds. If you are a young married suited staying in an apartment, but if you are married and have some children, staying at home would be more suitable.

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